Pair a wired auxiliary camera to your dashcam

Once you've connected the auxiliary camera to an ignition power source, pair it with the vehicle's dashcam. Pairing the auxiliary camera to the dashcam enables the dashcam to pull recordings from the auxiliary camera and upload them to the cloud. We have tested pairing up to four auxiliary cameras with one dashcam. All the auxiliary cameras connected to one dashcam must be paired the same way. There are two auxiliary camera options, and each type is paired to the dashcam differently:


If you are installing multiple dashcams, it's easiest to turn on and pair each auxiliary camera one at a time.

Pairing wired auxiliary cameras to the dashcam



  • Make sure the auxiliary camera is connected to ignition power.

  • Use any device that connects to WiFi, such as a phone or tablet, to check that the router is broadcasting an SSID to which the dashcam can connect.


Field installations: If the installer does not have access to the Surfsight® Portal, the installer must be sent the QR code before the installation. You can send them a screenshot or printed version.

  1. From the Surfsight® Portal, create a QR code for the router.

  2. Connect the dashcam to the router's WiFi network.

  3. To confirm that the router and connected auxiliary cameras paired successfully, scroll down and press More Info.


    From this screen, you can see all the auxiliary cameras that are connected to your dashcam through the router.



    After another auxiliary camera is paired, the first one disconnects. It reconnects on its own in about a minute.


    The More Info screen does not automatically refresh when new auxiliary cameras are connected to the router. To see that they have successfully connected, exit the More Info screen, wait about a minute to make sure they have all reconnected, and re-enter. The added auxiliary cameras should appear.

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