Event types

Events are any of a number of risky incidents that can occur during a trip, such as acceleration, sharp turns, or distracted driving.

Following are the different event types:

  • general

  • accelerometer and risky driving

    Accelerometer events, such as acceleration and violent left turn, are detected by the camera's motion sensor. The motion sensor has different sensitivities to trigger events depending on the vehicle size, from the least sensitive (private) to the most sensitive (trailer).

  • distract driving

    Distracted driving and smoking, are detected by MV+AI. Machine vision (MV) uses an algorithm to determine if the driver is focused on the road or distracted. Artificial intelligence (AI) focuses on face and upper body movements to determine the type of distracted driving.

All events contain the following data:

  • timestamp, in ISO 8601 format

  • location

  • option to retrieve video

In addition, all acceleromter and risky driving events include the following metadata:

  • speed, in meters per second

  • g-force on the X, Y, and Z axes, in meters per second squared


    The X, Y, and Z-axes values represent the following measurements:


    Positive value

    Negative value










  • timestamp, in Unix format

The metadata is sampled every 100 milliseconds of an event, which is 10 seconds long (5 seconds before the event is triggered until 5 seconds after). This comes to a total of 100 measurements per event.

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