Connect the AI-12 dashcam to an OBDII port for power

To utilize the full features of the AI-12 dashcam, including Standby mode, the dashcam must be connected to a constant 12V or 24V minimum 2A power source using the supplied cables. You can do this by connecting the dashcam to an OBDII port. Purchase a five meter OBDII cable from your authorized reseller.

If an installation is aborted and the dashcam has power, follow the power off procedure to avoid draining the battery. See Power off or restart the dashcam.


This installation must be performed by a qualified or professional person. Working with your vehicle's power system can be dangerous. Consult a professional for guidance.


While in standby, you can retrieve recordings from the dashcam. In Standby mode, the dashcam draws a current of 32 mA.

To connect your dashcam to an OBDII port:

  1. Locate the engine diagnostic port.


    The port is usually found in the driver area, at or below knee level.

  2. Align the connector end of the OBDII cable with the engine diagnostic port.


    Connectors can vary by vehicle. If a different one is needed, contact your authorized reseller.

  3. Push the connector into the port.


    Ensure that the OBDII cable is secure and well-connected to the port.

  4. Connect the OBDII cable to the dashcam.

  5. Start your vehicle to test the dashcam.

  6. Once you have tested your dashcam, run the power cable along the headliner of the vehicle from the A-Pillar to the power source.

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