Pair the auxiliary camera over Wifi using the Surfsight® View app

To simplify installing auxiliary cameras and pairing them with the AI-12 dashcam. download the Surfsight® View app on any Android device (phones and tablets). Up to four auxiliary cameras can be connected to a single dashcam. The app works on phones and tablets. The app also allows drivers to view their auxiliary cameras in real time.


The app is not an additional camera and must not be used as such. For example, drivers should not use the app to help with reversing a vehicle.

To pair auxiliary cameras using the app:

  1. Install the Surfsight® View app from your app store onto an appropriate device.

  2. From the device settings, select the auxiliary camera's WiFi.

    Auxiliary camera WiFi names appear similar to: IPCAM-XXXXXX.

  3. Open the Surfsight® app and wait until the auxiliary camera selected above is recognized.

  4. Press setUpAuxCam_app_SettingsIcon to the right of the camera.

  5. Select Wi-Fi.

  6. Enter the SSID, Encryption Type, and Password.


    The SSID and Password are found in your dashcam's WiFi settings.

    The Encryption Type is WPA2-PSK.

  7. Press APPLY.

  8. Press setUpAuxCam_app_exitIcon to close the app.

  9. Repeat steps 2 through 8 for any additional auxiliary cameras you want to pair to the dashcam.


    You can pair up to four auxiliary cameras to each AI-12 dashcam.

  10. From the device settings, select the dashcam's WiFi.

    The dashcam's WiFi name appears similar to: Dash-XXXX.

  11. Open the Surfsight® View app.

  12. Select the auxiliary cameras you want to pair with this dashcam.

  13. Press the back arrow at the top left of the page.

    A single camera view appears.

  14. Click anywhere on the screen to see the following menu:


    Press 1 to return to the single camera view.

    Press 4 to view a four-tile screen with all the video streams - the dashcam's and any paired auxiliary cameras'.

    Press setUpAuxCam_app_SettingsIcon to return to the Configure Cameras screen.

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