Connect the auxiliary camera to WiFi using a web browser


To connect an auxiliary camera to WiFi, you need to have access to the auxiliary camera, a power source, and a computer or mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.


The DC-ACE-01 and DC-ACE-02 models do not support wireless connections.

  1. Connect the camera to a 12V power source.

  2. Open the internet network on the device you are using to set up the connection.

  3. Turn on the WiFi connection for the camera. A new WiFi connection appears on the list: ‘IPCAM-XXXX’ (the serial number of the auxiliary camera).

  4. Connect to the new ‘IPCAM-XXXX’ WiFi.

  5. Enter the password 01234567.

  6. Once your connection is set, open a web browser and navigate to

  7. Click PC View.

  8. Enter admin in both the username and password fields and click Login.

    The auxiliary camera dashboard opens.

  9. From the left navigation bar, click Settings at the top.

  10. Click Network in the sub-menu and then click Wireless.

  11. In the SSID text area, enter the dashcam's default hotspot: Dash-XXXX. The default hotspot consists of 'Dash’ and the last four digits of the IMEI, which can be found on the camera's sticker.

  12. Set Security mode to WPA2-PSK.

  13. Set WPA Algorithm to AES.

  14. In the Key text area, enter the camera's default WiFi hotspot password: 12345678.



To find the AI-12 dashcam hotspot name and password you can also turn on the dashcam. Click Settings and then WiFi. Turn on Mobile Hotspot. The WiFi network name and the WiFi password should appear.

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