Events settings

Events include risky incidents and driving distractions. The fleet manager can configure these events to control how the events are handled and whether to receive email alerts.

From event settings, you can customize the events that are triggered to meet the needs of each vehicle and fleet. Settings can be applied for an individual vehicle or for multiple vehicles at once.

To configure settings and email alerts:

  1. Log into the Surfsight cloud app and from the navigation bar, click i-events.png.

    The list of AI-12 dashcams loads.

  2. Click the settings cog next to the vehicle for which you would like to change its settings. To configure settings for multiple dashcams simultaneously, see Bulk event settings.


    A window opens with the Event Settings list.

  3. Select the type of vehicle in which the dashcam is installed.

    This setting determines the sensitivity for each of the events. For example, vibration or turns change based on the kind of vehicle, and so events are triggered differently. From the top of the window, open the dropdown list to select one of the available options.

  4. From the scroll down menu next to each event, select how you want the event to be handled.

  5. Set the email alerts per event.

Watch this video about events settings and reviewing events:

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