Insert and set up a SIM card

When you receive a new AI-12 dashcam, a SIM card may already be inserted (if purchased from Surfsight®), or you may need to insert it, if purchased separately. You may also need to replace SIM cards at times.

This article contains the following sections:

Inserting or replacing a SIM card

You can also watch a (short) video of this process at the bottom of this section.

  1. Remove the protective cover with the screwdriver provided to you.

  2. If replacing a SIM card, remove the old SIM by pushing down and then sliding it out.

  3. From the shipping card, pop out your new SIM to a micro SIM size..

  4. Insert the new card by pushing down into place. It should not stick out.

See also this video on how to insert a SIM card:

Testing the new SIM card

  1. Connect your dashcam to a power source.

  2. Enter your PIN on the screen.


    Contact your reseller if you do not know your PIN.

  3. Check the touchscreen to see network connection bars. The connection is active when there is no X across the bars.

    If there is an X across the bars, the SIM may be fine, but you might be in a location with a poor network. When there is no X, the signal should be sufficient for all functions to run.

  4. If the network connection is active, replace the protective cover using the specialty screwdriver.

Support for new Twilio SIM cards

You can scan the QR code provided in your pamphlet to see a video of this process.

  1. Touch the screen for the PIN entry page. Enter your PIN.


    Contact your reseller if you do not know your PIN.

  2. Touch Settings, then touch WiFi to check connectivity.

  3. The WiFi should be off (toggled to he left).


    WiFi can interfere with the camera acknowledging the new SIM card.

  4. In your Settings menu, press More Info. A screen with connectivity and device information will appear.


You should see several key pieces of important information on this page, including a SIM card number. Keep this information handy should you need to contact your partner for maintenance help (see below.)

Here are some things you should see on the screen, and what they mean:

  • SIM card number. If no such number appears, it means that the dashcam has not recognized the new SIM card. Contact your partner for maintenance help (see below).

  • Operator. which network the SIM is connected to.

  • Network type. This should be 4G, as Surfsight® does not support anything else at this point.

  • Signal strength. If it is poor, the SIM may be fine, but you might be in a location with a poor network. The dashcam displays a WiFi icon with three bars.

  • APN in use. This is the access point between the device and the network. This information is sometimes useful for troubleshooting.

More Questions?

For more questions, unresolved issues, or troubleshooting woes, please reach out to your partner.

Have the following information handy:

  • your IMEI number

  • the last 4 digits of your SIM number

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