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How are distracted driving events detected?

General distracted driving events are detected by tracking the driver's overall behavior in the vehicle cabin and the driver's eye movement.

For more information about MV+AI, see About MV+AI

For details on all event types see What are events?.

If the audio is disabled, does the in-cab screen display anything to let the driver know?

There are no indicators on the dashcam itself as to whether these features are enabled. The driver only knows the features are enabled if any of the alerts are triggered.

How does the Possible Fatigue event measure drive time?

The dashcam logs the duration of a trip. When the duration of a trip exceeds the amount configured for Possible Fatigue, and a distracted driver alert is triggered, the Possible Fatigue event is then also triggered. The duration is not linked to a specific driver.

Does the position of the seatbelt affect how the dashcam triggers a Distracted Driving event?

Yes. Best practice is that the dashcam is located to the left of the driver.

When is a Driver Unbelted event triggered?

If the driver's seatbelt is not fastened, after 50 seconds there is an in-cabin alert, depending on configured audio or visual alerts. If there is no change, after ten more seconds an event is triggered and, if configured, an additional alert.

This occurs once per hour. If the trip is less than one hour it occurs once per trip. If a fastened seatbelt is unfastened, this process repeats.

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