Navigate the dashcam screen for drivers

From the touchscreen of the AI-12 dashcam, you can access the menu from the default screen. Drivers have limited access to the menu. They can access Live Video and Recordings, and exit the menu. Drivers cannot access Settings.

  1. Press the touchscreen of the AI-12 dashcam to wake it up.

  2. Enter your PIN to unlock the dashcam.

    The screen unlocks and the menu can be viewed.

    The main screen has the following menu items:




    Live View


    Access and view live video.



    Access and view recordings stored on the SD card.



    Exit the menu and lock the screen.

    Recording indicator


    Indicates whether the dashcam is currently recording.

    GPS connectivity


    Indicates whether there is a GPS connection. When there isn't any GPS reception, a red bar appears across this icon.

    Connection indicator


    Indicates whether a data or WiFi connection is available and the strength of that connection. To access WiFi, the camera should have a SIM card or be connected to a Surfsight cloud app account.

    Accelerometer not calibrated


    Indicates that the accelerometer is not calibrated. This icon appears on the lower left area of the screen. Once the accelerometer is calibrated, this icon no longer appears.

    SD card not inserted


    Indicates that an SD card has not been inserted. This icon appears on the lower left area of the screen. Once an SD card is inserted, this icon no longer appears.

  3. Press any of the options to access or activate their functionality.

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