Configure auxiliary camera settings

You can configure the following settings for each of your auxiliary cameras:

  • Time zone

  • Unique camera name

  • Color mode, IRCut settings, and flip or mirror for the the auxiliary camera images

To configure auxiliary camera settings:

  1. Open a web browser and navigate to

  2. Click PC View.

  3. Enter admin in both the username and password fields and then click Login to open the auxiliary camera dashboard.

  4. On the left navigation bar, click Settings at the top.

  5. Click the OSD Set menu.

  6. Toggle the timestamp on or off and set the timestamp position on the video.

  7. Set the camera name and the camera name position on the video.

To set the time and time zone:

  1. On the left navigation bar, under Settings, click System and then click Time.

  2. Set the time and time zone.

To set the image settings:

  1. From Settings, click Media and then click Image.

  2. Set color mode, IRCut settings, and flip or mirror the auxiliary camera image.

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