Bulk event settings

You can customize the events that are triggered for multiple AI-12 dashcams at once.

To set settings in bulk:

  1. Log into the Surfsight™ cloud app and from the navigation bar, click i-events.png.

  2. Check the boxes next to the individual vehicles or groups of vehicles that have installed cameras.

    The Edit Selected button appears at the top.


    A window opens with the Event Settings list.


    The following table describes the events:



    Button Pressed

    The driver manually triggers an event when he spots an unusual incident worth alerting about. To manually trigger an event, the driver presses the Event Trigger button on the dashcam.


    The driver reduces speed significantly.


    The driver increases speed suddenly.

    Violent left turn

    The driver turns left quickly.

    Violent right turn

    The driver turns right quickly.

    Speed Limit

    The driver travels at a speed above the speed limit designated in the cloud. The speed is detected through the GPS.


    The vehicle moves suddenly while in standby mode.

    If this is set as a video event, the recording only begins after the event is triggered, since the camera does not generally record during standby mode.


    The driver enters or exits a geofence.

    Distracted Driving

    The driver is generally distracted from the road.


    The cover over the SIM and SD card slots is opened. A magnet under the cover is used for detection.

    Power On

    The dashcam is turned on.

    Power Off

    The dashcam is shut down.

    Power Disconnect

    The dashcam loses power during a trip.


    The driver is smoking.

    Food and Drink

    The driver is eating or drinking.

    Cell Phone Use

    The driver is using their cell phone.

    Driver Unbelted

    The driver does not have their seat belt fastened.

  4. From the scroll down menu next to each event, select how you want the event to be handled.

  5. Click SAVE to apply the changes.

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