Configure virtual ignition in the AI-14 dashcam

Virtual ignition offers two approaches to activating the AI-14 dashcam:

  • Movement – When the virtual ignition feature is enabled, the dashcam is activated when it detects movement.

  • Ignition – When virtual ignition is disabled, this leaves true ignition to activate the dashcam. With true ignition the AI-14 dashcam is activated only when the ignition key is turned, replacing the movement based activation.

Virtual ignition can be configured in two ways:

Enable or disable virtual ignition from the Surfsight® Portal

Enable virtual ignition in individual dashcams, multiple dashcams or an entire organization in the Surfsight® Portal. For further information see, Configure dashcam settings.

Enable or disable virtual ignition from the AI-14 dashcam

To configure virtual ignition from the AI-14 dashcam:

  1. Scroll down to Virtual ignition.

  2. Toggle the button on or off.

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