Screen timeout on the AI-14 dashcam

Screen timeout on the AI-14 dashcam allows users to configure the time that the dashcam touchscreen turns off after a period of inactivity. Managing the time until the screen times out can affect the device's longevity, reduce heat, optimize thermal performance, and help to align the in-cabin screen activity to the preferences and usage patterns of the driver.

Features include:

  • By default, the screen turns off after 120 seconds. This can be configured to between 10 and 300 seconds in the dashcam settings area of the Surfsight Portal. For more information see, Configure dashcam settings.

  • The touch panel is designed to be responsive at all times, even when the screen is in the off state.

The screen timeout duration starts over in the following scenarios:

  • Powering ON the device following a reboot. For more information see, Power off or restart the dashcam.

  • Exiting hibernation mode.

  • Receiving a visual alert that requires attention.

  • Engaging in a live stream session.

  • Pressing the red button on the camera.

  • Interacting by touching the screen.

Configure settings from the Surfsight® Portal

Configure settings for this feature in individual dashcams, multiple dashcams or an entire organization in the Surfsight® Portal. For further information see, Configure dashcam settings.

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